Interview Question: “What Can You Bring to the Company?”

When getting ready for an interview, it’s necessary to contemplate your responses to questions that hiring managers may ask. Among the most popular questions is, “What can you bring to the company?”

You may possibly hear this question in different forms, such as, “How would you bring value to the position?”, or, “Why should I hire you instead of another candidate?”.

Let’s talk about why hiring managers ask this kind of question, and what an appropriate response should be.


Why do employers ask this very question?

Recruiters want to find an employee that possesses the required skills to achieve success in the open role they have; however, they also often seek someone who can offer a new perspective to the business. Your answer to the question will demonstrate the value that you can bring to the company.

In your response, explain why your skills, experience, and characteristics that you possess can bring benefit and value to the company.


How do you answer this question?

If you want to get a good answer to this question, consider following these steps:


1. Get Some Help Online

Most companies have a website that contains valuable information (such as the company’s mission statement) that can tell you what the company wants to earn, the company’s “about us” page where you can know about the company and its team, and other pages to collect some more information about the company. Use your new knowledge to help you answer the question.


2. Find The Company On Social Media

Explore any social media accounts the company maintains. On these social media pages and profiles, you can get some information about the company that may include any recent success they had in business. Or you can find some details about recruitment, salary, and many more things. You can get the relevant information that you require from here, and use it to answer the question asked to you. Often you can find some answers in the questions and answers that the company takes part in. Just read those questions and you will learn a lot.


3. Read The Job Description Properly

The job description includes the duties and responsibilities related to the position. Review the outline for any needs that correspond to your expertise. Confirm to incorporate samples of however you displayed those skills in previous positions.

Talk about both people skills and actual technical skills. For instance, if you’re applying for an associate accounting role, you’ll point out your great customer service experiences as well as your expertise with programs like QuickBooks or Sage.


 4. Create a List Of Your Expertise

Make a list of your core values and expertise. Gather all the information that you have in mind of your previous jobs and write them out on your resume.

Remember the skills you have in yourself, which made you do great on your last job, and put them to some use. This might help you get the answer to this question. You just have to remember what you have done in the past, and think about how it can be used for this current position you’re applying for.


5. Follow Your Communication Skills:

Keep your communication skills great. It is necessary to have good communication skills in any kind of job industry or field. Good communication skills are based on your confidence, and if you have confidence then you do not have to worry about anything else.

If you are good at communication, the employer will automatically get the idea that you are the best person for the job, especially if you carry yourself professionally and speak with a smile.