How to Successfully Interview for a Wall Street Job Promotion

You finally applied for that job promotion you’ve been eyeballing for a while now. You are certain that you are qualified for the job, and you can prove to your boss that you do enough good work to land nicely in the role. But in some cases, you’ll have to go through a promotion interview first.

How can you be sure to ace the job interview and get that promotion with flying colors? Follow these guidelines to get started.

Application Requirements

A job promotion interview is slightly different from a standard job interview in several ways. First, the company already knows you, so you don’t need to work as hard at proving why you are fit for the job or the company. However, you have an advantage because there are several things you can do to prove your worth while working in your current job position.

But a lateral job change interview still has some requirements. Be sure that you bring the following with you to your promotional interview:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Application materials
  • Proof of your good work

You can prepare for your promotional interview ahead of time by doing your research and understanding how the hiring process works in your company.


Before the Wall Street Interview

Before the scheduled date of your interview, you might want to take the following actions:

Talk with your boss

Make sure your boss knows that you have applied for this lateral position and that you are preparing for an interview. Ask your boss for their support. That way, they won’t have to find out through a third party, which can come back to bite you later.


Research common interview questions and answers

You will likely be asked questions such as, “What makes you the best person for this position?”, and “What have you contributed to the team?” Think about your strengths and the way you’ve grown with the company. Use all of that to support your claim that you deserve this promotion.


Keep working hard

Don’t ignore your current job just because you have plans to move upward. Losing focus will not play in your favor. Keep working hard, do what you do best, and the results of your efforts will shine through. Remember, you’re working at WallStreet right now. And you have to be more productive and get results faster and better than other people around. That’s the only way to make sure that you continue making the big bucks and keep moving up the ladder.


During the Interview

Your job promotion interview will be a breeze as long as you’re prepared. In most cases, you will likely know who the interviewer is, and that will help you to feel more relaxed. Remember that you are just talking with a co-worker. However, you still want to take the interview seriously.

Here are some tips to remember:


Ask lots of questions

It’s good to ask questions about the new promotion you’re vying for. Ask about the details of the role, and what the transitional period will look like.


Don’t act like you know everything

Just because you feel qualified for a higher position does not mean you need to know everything. Acting like you are already in the new position will make you look conceited. It’s okay to talk about the parts of the new job that are unfamiliar to you. In fact, you should bring this up when it’s your turn to ask questions.


Stay focused on your strengths

Your strengths can include your time spent with the company. You are already familiar with the environment and routine, and that is a huge plus compared to an outside candidate. Remember what got you a job with the company in the first place, and use these strengths to talk about how successful you’ve been so far. This will show the recruiter that you are committed to growing your strengths in the future and establish a wonderful career with this company for a long time to come.